Central Newfoundland Wedding – Natasha and Jonathan

April 9 2022: Natasha and Jonathan were preparing to walk down the aisle of St. Andrew's United Church in Deadman's Bay. I showed up early to take this shot of the empty church before anyone arrived.

Before long, the guys were there. Then, the ladies made their way inside and the ceremony began.

The couple's beautiful daughter played the role of flower girl.

While Jonathan's sister, Mandy helped to officiate.

This photo above, was one of my favorite from their day.

I like the energy here too!

We only took a handful of photos outside because it was not very warm out. Luckily, we had some nice simple locations for indoor group shots.

The wedding reception was at a place called The Muddy Shag in Musgrave Harbour. This place has a black ceiling so I really powered up my flash to get the bounced light nice and bright.


This was the last photo I took before I left!

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