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Traytown Photoshoot – Festival Style

Janelle Burry is a mobile hairstylist based right here in Glovertown. She’s got a unique style that screams fun and screams summer! She’s going to be at Alexander Bay Days next weekend creating some festival and some futuristic makeup looks. You might see her (and me) there!

We celebrated festival season with a styled photoshoot featuring a Bohemian chic vibe and Janelle herself, a natural model!

Tell me what you think! Will you be at Alexander Bay Days? What’s your must-visit summer festival?


Janelle Burry


Janelle Burry

Janelle Burry

Janelle Burry

Gander and Glovertown – Grade Twelve Portraits

I think grad photos are awesome. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you absolutely want to record it with photos. When it comes to capturing what grade 12 is really like, however, photos from a more typical day may be your best bet. Photos at your favorite places in your normal clothes show a little more about you can create some beautiful and personal images. Just check out these shots of Olivia, Ally, and Isabella!

Student portrait in Gander

portrait of girl listening to music

Student at Glovertown Library

grade 12 student of Glovertown Academy

portrait at Glovertown Arena
skater portrait in dressing room

If you would like to know more about grade twelve portraits, please get in touch!





Eastport Photoshoot – Brooke and Kaitlyn


I've always loved the sort of happy-go-lucky energetic beach images that fill my Pinterest feed. I had some models willing to work with me so I figured I'd give the style a try! Much thanks to Kaitlyn and Brooke for spending one of the last days of summer with me!

best friends posing together

girls on a skateboard at beach

model acting silly

girls on a dock from distance

girls on a dock

girl dipping toes in water

model on a dock

girls on dock

What do you think? Pin worthy? If you use Pinterest, please share!