Gander Wedding – Ashleigh & Joe

Exactly one month ago, on August 13, I was invited to a home in Gander to photograph the wedding of Ashleigh and Joe. Ashleigh and Joe live in Edmonton but they have a few Newfoundland connections, one of which being that Joe's family hails from Gambo. Many friends and family at the wedding were visiting from Edmonton. Among them was Ashleigh and Joe's beautiful baby daughter.

Ashleigh and Joe had a great group of people around them during their day and it was a pleasure to be welcomed by them and allowed to photograph their wedding! Even though I had never met any of them, I was encouraged to feel at home and to enjoy the day with the bridal party and guests. The day was HOT. The ceremony was beautiful. The food was delicious and the reception was lots of fun!

Here are my favorite photos that tell the story of the day. I hope you enjoy! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brentnall!